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a little bit about Adam 

Born, raised and 31 years lived in Kitchener-Waterloo Ontario, Canada, Adam moved to Vancouver British Columbia in 2013 for a west coast adventure and took up photography at the same time. After taking a Diploma of Photography course to learn the technical side, photography has been the creative escape from Adam's full time career in the finance industry. His hobby has grown into one of his life's pursuits. 

Coalesce Images: "Originally, the idea was to photograph examples of humans and nature working in coalescence with each other, creating beauty and coexisting with grace. Everything around us - trees, animals, insects, etc. all operate in a delicate ebb and flow, but we are at the beginning of volatile times. We humans are interrupting these cycles and the natural balance, so the focus of my photography has shifted to showcase the beauty of nature, in a mood that subtly suggests the sun is setting on our time with nature as we know it." - Adam Clarke

Adam, Yvonne, their son Finlay and cat Lily now reside in the Shuswap region of British Columbia. Adam and Yvonne work together to bring Adam's photos to viewers like you. Feel free to email, message and follow on social media platforms. They are always there to interact with you and appreciate everyone who takes the time. 

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