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Environmental Portraits

When adding a human element to my photos, I really want to capture the natural state of a person. The authentic, the raw, not overly posed or put together in order to capture the real you.

Most of us spend 8+ hours of our day at a job to earn money for our families, but for some it's not just a job. It's a calling, a devotion, a purpose. THAT is what I aim to capture with

Environmental Portraits - people in their natural environment, where they thrive and come alive.

Let's show the world that part of you.

Free Photos?!

Help me build my portfolio and receive free images in return!

This topic is new to me. I feel most at home in nature, creating landscape photos, but lately I've been thinking - what about people in their natural environment? I'd like to explore this topic more and learn to create images that truly capture the essence behind what people do for the majority of their waking lives. 

I'm currently offering free photos shoots in exchange for use of the photos right here, on my website and on my social media feeds. If you are interested and in the Shuswap region of BC, click the link on the left to provide a brief explanation of what you do and why you want photos taken. 

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