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Photos by Adam Clarke

Through nature photography, my goal is to tell stories about small vignettes of ecosystems, aiming to educate people on the importance of protecting as many of them as possible. The focus of my work is creating inspiring and encouraging images primarily of the unique habitats in western Canada.




Humans are a massive part of nature, not separate from it. I'm beginning to grow a body of work that focuses on the human element - from photos of people in their natural environment (workplace portraits), to the structures people live in (real estate) or the essentials they consume (product photography). The second section of this home page contains links for more information, but always feel free to contact me anytime by phone, email or message with questions. Always happy to chat!

Lone Survivor

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Images & Narratives


This is where you will find galleries of my work. Words accompany the photos, for a deeper understanding of the location, technical settings, behind the camera experiences, and my thought process when creating the photograph.


This is where new photos will be posted somewhat regularly. Email newsletters will feature this area of the website more than any other. 

Let's Create Together

There are a variety of genres in photography that are interesting to me at the moment. In particular, putting my 8 years of knowledge and expertise as a mortgage broker to a new use by offering real estate photography. Check out my full range of services in the Real Estate Photography tab. 


Along with real estate, I love taking photographs of people in their daily environment - at your shop, on the farm, in your store, restaurant, or office. Let's create awesome images of you! Your services and products deserve to be displayed in the most captivating way possible. Full range of these types of photo options are found in the Environmental Portraits tab.


One of my best traits and passions in life is educating people. If you see my photos and are curious how to create something similar yourself, let's talk about it in an online one-on-one session. Speaking engagements and presentation inquiries can also be found in the Education section. 

Offering the following photography services:

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